Scott Fisher, horn soloist

French hornist Scott Fisher exemplifies the extraordinary talent that is in the Lima Symphony Orchestra.  As a principal hornist of the Lima Symphony since 1986, Mr. Fisher brings a wealth of musical experience to the orchestra.

Presently, he also serves as principal hornist of the Springfield Symphony, is a member of Q.E.P. (‘Quint-Essential’ Players), a woodwind ensemble based in Lima, and frequently participates in various workshops, clinics and small groups as an informant and performer of the Natural Horn (the instrument Mr. Fisher is performing in this concert).  The Natural Horn is the ancestor of what we refer to as the modern-day French Horn.  It is differentiated by its lack of valves.  It consists of a mouthpiece, some long coiled tubing and a large flared bell.  Pitch changes are made through modulating the lip tension, switching crooks that change the length of the instrument and changing the position of the hand in the bell.

A graduate of Findlay High School, Mr. Fisher attended the Cleveland Institute of Music for three years and The Juilliard School of Music in the area of performance.  He toured and recorded with the Cleveland Orchestra under George Szell and Pierre Boulez.  As a high school and college student, he participated in the Interlochen Music Festival in 1963, the Blossom Festival in 1974 and the Meadowbrook Music Festival.  He fulfilled his military duty as a member of the U.S. Military Band at West Point for two and a half years.  In 1972, he was associate First and Third with the Orquestra Sinfonica de Columbia in Bogota, Columbia.

Later, Mr. Fisher earned his Bachelor’s of Music in Education from Kent State University and did post-graduate studies in music at Youngstown University.

Mr. Fisher is a former principal horn player of the Canton Symphony and also was a member of the Akron Symphony.  In the past, he has been a horn instructor on staff with Mallone College, Bluffton College, Kent State University-Stark Branch and Ohio Northern University.

He retired in 2009 after 23 years as the Instrumental Music Director of Ayersville Local Schools.  Prior to his Ayersville position, he had been a band director at Lake Local Schools in Hartville, Ohio and Louisville Public Schools in Louisville, Ohio.

Over the years, Mr. Fisher’s teachers have included Myron Bloom, Ernest Angelucci and William Slocum, all of the Cleveland Orchestra, as well as Ranier DeIntennis and Joseph Singer of the New York Philharmonic.  He has also studied with William VereMeulen.  Currently, he studies the intricacies of the Natural Horn with friend and colleague Lowell Greer and Heidi Wicks.  His life-long friend and mentor is Louie Chennette, former French Horn instructor at the University of Findlay, who he credits with his initial love of the instrument.

Mr. Fisher currently resides in Defiance with his wife, Patricia.  They have three sons, Greg (and his wife Crystal and daughter Emily of Decatur, Indiana), Chris (and his wife Sarah of Columbus), and Jonathan of Napoleon.