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Scott Sherman is an American pianist and composer who studies under the tutelage of Soyeon Kate Lee at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Sherman is a co-artistic director of Music X Habitat X Art, an experimental art and classical performance group. Their two current projects - the installation performance Audible Light, and The Ascent of Movement Series Virtual MUSIC—ART—WORKS, create a unifying communal experience marrying the visual and auditory. Sherman works in sculpture, video art, and installation practices. Most recently his work with MxHxA was exhibited as a public installation in May 2020 at Huacheng Square on screens that surround the public square and at the 5th Annual Special Exhibition of Justart Space, Guangzhou, China. His recent project, The Pianists Eyes, is a performance art film focusing on the visage of the performer, exploring both the relationship to the audience and the performer.

Sherman’s compositions were premiered in October for the 14th Competition d’Orleans in France. His compositions premiered in Portugal and in the United States in August 2020. He took part in the COVID Étude project this past January, in conjunction with the College-Conservatory of Music. He performed The Carnival of The Animals with the New World Chamber Players premiering in China with CCTV in June for the social outreach project One World—One Family. His recordings have been used for One-Minute Art publications in China. He was guest artist at the Porto Pianofest in Portugal. He has lectured and performed as a part of outreach at Shantou University, Meilin Arts High School, 90.9 Classical Radio WGUC and Cincinnati Art Museum.


Sherman has performed in the US, Spain, China, Israel and Japan - including Haojiang Music Hall, Shantou University, Meilin Arts School, Nihon University for the College of the Arts Tokyo, Ongaku-no-Tomo Hall Japan, Cincinnati Art Museum, Farnsworth Art Museum, Studzinski Recital Hall, Springer Hall, and Atlántico Botanical Gardens, among others. Sherman has worked with artist-teachers Richard Goode, Robert McDonald, Julian Martin, Emanual Krasovsky, Ran Dank, Tatiana Zelickman, Frederic Chiu, Alon Goldstein, and The Ariel Quartet, among others. Sherman has participated in international festivals in Israel, Spain, Canada and the United States. Sherman’s previous teachers include Minsoo Sohn, Deborah Moriarty, and Catherine Rollin. 


Sherman has been awarded prizes from the Ann & Charles Eisemann International Competition, 

Lima Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Competition, US International Virtuoso Competition, 20th International Duo Piano Competition in Tokyo, US International Duo Piano Competition, The OIDPC, and the Alexander & Buono International Piano Competition. 

yaoyue huang.jpeg

Yaoyue Huang is a pianist whose initiative celebrates new music and lesser performed modern works, explores experimental and creative projects that challenge convention, and aims to break away from the common performance practice. Huang also works with composer peers in premiering their works. She was recently awarded the Prix Alberto Ginastera from the 14th International Piano Competition of Orléans, where she premiered a newly composed work that she commissioned for the André Chevillion—Yvone Bonnaud composition prize. Huang studies  at the College-Conservatory of Music in the studio of pianist Soyeon Kate Lee.

Huang was also first prize winner of the Lima Symphony Orchestra National Young Artist Competition, CCM Piano Concerto Competition, Tuesday Musical Scholarship Competition, 

Birmingham Young Artist Concerto Competition, and MUS College of Music Concerto Competition. She also won top prizes in the Japan International Duo Piano Competition, International Alexander & Buono Piano Competition, and Ohio International Duo Piano Competition.


Huang is a co-artistic director with Scott Sherman of “Music X Habitat X Art” - an experimental art and performance group based in Shanghai, Guangzhou and the United States. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has created The Ascent of Movement Series, an online art space for their concept, merging experimental photography and video art in recordings of their performances. She was also the co-artistic director of the 2019 Clara Schumann project in Shenzhen; her articles about Clara and Robert Schumann were published on different platforms including the 2019 season of Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra.


Huang was invited as a guest artist in the Porto Pianofest in Portugal/United States, Wave Elements Global Music Festival in Portland Oregon, and Music For All Seasons Cincinnati. She has recently participated in the Gilmore Artists Festival, Bowdoin International Music Festival, The Tel-Hai International Piano Masterclasses in Israel, the Gijón International Piano Festival in Spain, and the Francis@4 Series in Cincinnati. Huang has performed at the Cincinnati Art Museum, The Farnsworth Art Museum, Shenzhen Poly Theatre, Shenzhen Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Center, Xinghai Concert Hall, Haojiang Theatre, Shantou University Southern China, Ongaku-No-Tomo Hall in Tokyo, Nihon University at the Ekoda Campus Tokyo, White Rock Theatre in the UK, and Salle de l’Institut in France. Huang has performed with the Lima Symphony Orchestra, College-Conservatory of Music Philharmonia Orchestra, and the Michigan State University Symphony Orchestra.

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