Elisa K. Bradley is the principal consultant for Bradley Works LLC, which specializes in providing strategic advocacy, prevention, and behavioral health services for communities and families. Elisa has provided coaching, and leadership training for organizations throughout the US and abroad. She has consulted for ADAMHS boards and educational organizations that focused on social and emotional learning for challenged communities and specifically, school-aged girls of color.

Mental health has always been a passion for Elisa. Taking care of our mental health is a core building block to wellness and self-promotion. Strong families are the foundation for strong, productive communities. Strong communities provide care and safe spaces for individuals and families. Elisa believes these things are a part of the circle of a well-lived life.  

Family literacy is equally important to Elisa. Literacy provides empowerment and opportunity to all and rarely discriminates. Our minds can be transformed and renewed through reading. It is for that reason that Elisa has partnered with local churches and organizations to promote Freedom Schools through the Children’s Defense Fund for several years.

Elisa is a proud product of the great state of Ohio. She has earned multiple degrees, licenses, and certifications throughout her educational and counseling career.

Of all these things, the best blessings ever bestowed upon her are being a wife to her husband, a mother to her children, and the coolest gigi to the youngest members of her family.