Andrew Crust, conductor

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Maestro

The Maestro is missing and there is an imposter on the podium! Who is this imposter and who tried to kidnap Maestro Crust from his dressing room right before the concert?  Everyone is a suspect and Maestro Crust must enlist the help of the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, to solve the case. Sherlock Holmes, played by conductor Enrico Lopez-Yañez, will take the (virtual) audience on a musical crime-solving journey to investigate the brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion - and even some of the production team - as everyone is a suspect until Sherlock can prove otherwise. Full of excitement and intrigue, this program will appeal to the whole family. So, grab the family and gather round as we bring our Family Concert into your living room!

This concert is free and streaming begins March 20th!