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Mozart and salieri

March 18, 2023 // 7:30pm

Lima Symphony Chorus

Immortalized in both book and film, Mozart and Salieri come to life once again on the concert stage – not in competition but in complement. The first half of the program highlights the cosmopolitan and refined Salieri, a composer whose fame and recognition have often been overshadowed by Mozart’s vivacious and prodigious talent. Finishing the evening is Mozart’s final prophetic accomplishment: a Requiem mass. Left unfinished upon his own untimely death, this mysterious work remains one of the most powerful and profound in the classical music canon.

Antonio Salieri // La grotta di Trofonio (Overture)

Antonio Salieri // Sinfonia in D Major “Veneziana”

Josquin des Prez // Mille Regretz
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart // Requiem