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The Lima Symphony's current timpani were purchased in 1976, and while they have been well-loved, the time has come for an upgrade. Through this campaign, the LSO hopes to raise the necessary $50,000 to purchase drums worthy of the caliber ensemble that the Lima Symphony has become.

All professional musicians own their instruments, and while this is true of percussionists and timpanists as well, the caveat is that moving timpani is a labor-intensive process that is not a one-person job and often involves renting a truck. This is why professional orchestras typically own the set of timpani that the timpanist plays. Just as a foundation or orchestra may own an expensive Stradivarius violin that the concertmaster has the privilege of using during their tenure, orchestra timpanists are the stewards and caretakers of an orchestra's timpani.

Unlike Stradivarius violins, however, timpani models and innovations have made great strides in recent decades - and not all instruments age as well as Stradivarius violins. That being said, the Lima Symphony Orchestra is embarking on a special fundraising campaign to purchase a new set of professional quality timpani.

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